MISSING: super adorable puppy. will come if you turn on your radios and play wu-tang clan as loudly as you can. this is not a ploy to get the neighborhood bumpin’, the dog is real

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Favorite story posts part 1

That last one

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I hear my mom shrieking downstairs, shouting up to me about “THE CATS! THE CATS!”

I run downstairs, thinking someone has died or something and see THIS:





They look like they’re about to break out in a musical number



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acting cool around ur crush


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I accidentally mowed a penis silhouette into the lawn.

I didn’t have much gas in the mower and I thought I would only have enough to get part of the lawn done, so I was lazy about moving the sump pump hose. I ended up having more gas than I thought and having to mow around it. Jesus.

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I really hope people don’t honestly mean “If you don’t believe x then y thx”

I’ve been seeing versions of this float around tumblr a lot lately and it bothers me.
“If you don’t (fight for gay marriage) then (go away forever) thx”
“If you don’t (support women’s choices) then (go die in a hole)”

Things like that. Statements that end in “… we will never be friends” aren’t problematic, but telling people that you are guaranteed to exclude them for a statement is not something that anyone and everyone should be okay with.

For example, I used to agree with those statements until I thought about what it would look like if I wore a t-shirt with that slogan. I work in a living space for vulnerable adults (brain injury, mental illness, addiction) and we have had a client spout off at a gay staff member because she didn’t believe in homosexuality (she reports that she is Christian, and while this is not an excuse, she is also Borderline personality so she is prone to getting angry at the drop of a hat and starting arguments). It was perfectly acceptable for the staff member to say “You are being disrespectful and inappropriate and I need you to leave the office right now and come back when you can calmly have a conversation with me.” It would have been incredibly inappropriate, isolating, illegal, and potentially dangerous (ie triggering a need to self-harm) for the staff member to say “If you don’t believe in sexual/gender/romantic spectrums then you are a disgusting person and I am never speaking to you again.”

In the interest of being aware that you do not know who your posts are reaching out to, and that it could trigger self-hate, please monitor your words. There is nothing wrong with pointing out problematic, hurtful, intolerant behavior but there are definitely respectful ways to do it that may not trigger people.

I was stopped at a stoplight and noticed that the cars in that turning lane made a perfect white to black color gradiant.

I was stopped at a stoplight and noticed that the cars in that turning lane made a perfect white to black color gradiant.